Бриті вагіни

Crura clitoridis interna, Swammerdam;t plerus cavernosus, Tabarranus;1 corpus cavermosum, Santorini;S bulbe du vagin, of the French; semi-bulb, Taylor, &c. Histoire Complete des Ruptures et des Dechirures de I' Uterus, du Vagin, et du Perinée. Par F. Duparcque.

— Paris, 1836. 8vo, pp. 456. According to Schechter, “half of young British women can't locate the vagina on a diagram.". A survey by The Eve Appeal found that half of British men couldn't identify the vagina on an anatomical diagram. (Photo: Shutterstock). Vagina beauty contests are a thing. A risqué new beauty contest claims to empower rather than exploit the women involved, but do they agree?

Vagina pronunciation. How to say vagina. Listen to the audio uk How to pronounce vagina noun in British English.

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